08 Sep 2023

Guide to the Future of Membership Personalisation

Discover the trends and technology that will shape the future of membership personalisation in this new guide.

What is the future of membership personalisation? Here’s a clue - it’s not AI.

Well, it’s not just AI.  Good data and strategy are needed in order for you to be able to create the emotional connections and trust that will keep members engaged and help you grow. AI tools can’t do this without them.

Of course the future of personalisation in the membership sector will involve AI.   But it’s only part of the story.  Personalisation, or more specifically, hyper-personalisation,  needs to use behavioural and contextual data, not just demographic, to create experiences that can break through the vast digital content and channel  noise.

To do this,  it also needs  to be informed by the whole picture, a unified view of your data. 


This guide will help you understand how to use your data and technology in the context of current and predicted trends and developments (behaviour and technology).  Including:

  • The difference between hyper-personalisation and traditional personalisation
  • The key steps to getting ready to deliver and enhance your personalisation (it’s all about your data)
  • Learnings from two membership CEOs whose organisations are at different stages of personalisation maturity  
  • Overview of the personalisation technology options and trends
  • When and where not to use your data for personalisation (or - how not to scare and annoy your members)
  • Legislative trends to keep and eye on and consider

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