Collaboration & engagement between members

Our Groups feature lets you create engaging and collaborative forums on your website for members to discuss interests, manage meetings and share documents. 

  • Group & committee management - run all the activities of your specialist groups and committees. Admins can add and remove group members, share documents & manage communications.
  • Member to member messaging - Speed up the business of your committees with one to one messaging.
  • Permissioned access - Create new groups, add individual admins and set the permissions that you want them to have. From managing other users, to editing website content or administering the email centre - the level of system control is up to you.
  • Discussion forums - Get the conversation going with online discussion forums that members can access on their group page.
  • Meeting management - Add meeting information, upload agendas and documents for group members to read when logged in to your website.
  • Document sharing - Upload new documents or choose from the resource library and share with specific groups.