17 Oct 2023

Discover the Future of Membership Personalisation at MEMX 2023

Rennie Schafer, CEO of FEDESSA will share his approach to delivering personalisation for members across Europe at MEMX on 19th October.

What is the future of membership personalisation? Here’s a clue - it’s not AI.

Well, it’s not just AI.  Good data and strategy are needed in order for you to be able to create the emotional connections and trust that will keep members engaged and help you grow. AI tools can’t do this without them.

On Thursday 19th October Rennie Schafer, CEO of FEDESSA - the Federation of European Self Storage Associations  - will be sharing his approach to delivering personalisation today for members across Europe in an Industry Expert Seminar at Membership Excellence (MEMX)


The impact of greater personalisation is clear; in 2021 50% of FEDESSA’s members had renewed two months before their renewal point and retention increased from 85% to 94% - thanks to automated and personalised reminders. 

ReadyMembership will be launching a new guide at Rennie’s talk - The Future of Membership Personalisation. In it you’ll discover why‘hyper-personalisation’ delivered through composable digital experiences is the future. It will be made available to all to sign up to shortly after.

Hyper-personalisation involves using behavioural and contextual data, not just demographic, to create experiences that can break through the vast digital content and channel noise; experiences that are seamless, useful and meaningful. To do this you need to see the whole picture - a unified view of your data. 

One organisation that does this today is FEDESSA which represents over 2500 self storage companies across Europe - all members of 17 national associations who are themselves members of FEDESSA. 

Over the last four years FEDESSA has been getting to know its members by observing their behaviour in the ReadyMembership platform. Using these insights they target members across Europe based on their interests, job seniority, engagement with the association or specialism using filters and rules to send emails and distribute relevant content.  

For Rennie, personalisation starts with what and why. What is your primary goal as an association and why do you want to collect member data?

“Do you want more members?” Rennie asks. “Or are you trying to increase event attendance? There’s no point sending a 20 point questionnaire that overwhelms new members and makes it more difficult to join. Are you going to use that data, do you need it?”

Membership personalisation is at the heart of FEDESSA’s growth strategy.

“Personalisation touches every point - from member journeys, to retention to events,” explains Rennie. “If you get it right it gives you the ability to give members what they want, when they want it. Asking the right questions and collecting the right data at the right time is allowing us to do just that.”

The Future of Membership Personalisation
Rennie Schafer, CEO, FEDESSA
2.10pm, Room 5
Membership Excellence, 19th October, London