19 Apr 2023

RIMPA - Delivering success down under

Australian membership association launches with ReadyMembership.

RIMPA Global is a professional membership organisation dedicated to advancing the practice of information and records management worldwide. 

Established in 1969, RIMPA represents over 2,300 practitioners and organisations in the private sector, Federal, State and Local Governments.

RIMPA offers Corporate and Individual membership at different grades.  Corporate membership is available with different numbers of users included - giving access to online and in-person benefits to multiple staff. 

Benefits include discounted events, workshops and the RIMPA Live Convention, as well as free webinars and professional mentoring programs. 

The challenge:

RIMPA had an association management system (AMS) which they had outgrown and found its functionality limited what they could deliver for members. Key goals included:

  • improving member engagement
  • complete system integration 
  • better management of large events
  • a single portal for all member communications
  • a flexible, modern content management system
  • improved data analytics and reporting

Finding technology that would reduce membership administration and optimise the online user experience was essential. The solution was ReadyMembership.  

The Project

RIMPA Global worked with Pixl8 Group, the developers of ReadyMembership on the delivery of their new platform.

Workshops were held on CRM, Finance and Membership to identify RIMPA’s specific needs and scope out customisations. These included a CPD members dashboard and members and supplier directory. 

Pixl8s global team worked closely with RIMPA Global, collaborating through shared online documents to ensure smooth project delivery.

Once the overall website design and structure was built, the RIMPA team got hands-on with ReadyMembership - building pages and loading content. This early introduction to the platform has set their admins up for success.

Key features:

ReadyMembership includes CRM, CMS, events (live & virtual), email, payments management and much more as standard. In addition the Pixl8 team developed enhancements and new features for RIMPA Global: 

Easier join online

Thanks to a much improved user flow and design it is now easier to join RIMPA Global both as an individual and an organisation.



Multi-user corporate membership



RIMPA’s organisational subscriptions can have different user capacities. The team can create subscription packages in ReadyMembership which have different numbers of users included at different price bands - all of whom have access to their benefits. On application, organisations can choose the package that suits them best - from 3 to 20 users.

RIMPA’s staff can manage these users in the back end of ReadyMembership. Soon, corporate ‘individual’ members will also be able to manage their own profiles online.

CPD dashboard

Members can log their CPD activity and track their progress in a chart in their members’ area. They have to achieve 60 points over a three year period.

Once members have reached their target they can download a branded certificate of achievement with their name on it. 


Member & Supplier Directories



A member-only directory allows users to find each other by searching by areas of interest, membership grade and service or product. A supplier directory will follow shortly.

Jobs board 

Website users can see industry vacancies and filter results by job type and region. Organisations can submit jobs via the RIMPA website. The team can then review and approve listings in ReadyMembership.



Fully-featured financial management:

RIMPA now manages all orders and payments in the ReadyMembership CRM.  Online payments have been configured with digital dynamic tax. This means that purchases made in Australia automatically have Goods and services tax (GST) applied to them before checkout. Purchases made outside Australia do not.

Another automation setup in ReadyMembership is credit card surcharge. Visa and Mastercard purchases have a 2% fee added to them at the online checkout - making it clear what members have to pay. 

Extending the power of ReadyMembership:

Online purchases are quick and easy thanks to API integration with payments provider Stripe. Integration with leading accounting software Xero is giving RIMPA a 360 view of their finances. All purchases and orders are also captured in ReadyMembership CRM.

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Set for success:

The RIMPA Global team is excited by the possibilities that the ReadyMembership platform gives them to deliver better experiences and build membership engagement. They are eager to engage with the platform and see how it can deliver their core purpose more quickly, easily and with impactful results. With a road map of planned future features the team is confident that ReadyMembership can help them grow within the Australian and global record management community. 

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