We're proud to continue our support of Europe’s most-attended conference by association leaders & executives, the Associations World Congress in 2022, 9th in the series, is a physical event in Lisbon, Portugal

Unique Value with a new approach

  • A focused event for association leaders and association events strategists
  • In-depth half-day sessions
  • Experts leading sessions with case studies from associations
  • Gain real solutions to challenges - not just finding out other people are in a similar situation
  • Very focused groups working together to innovate ideas and create value during sessions

Value of attending

  • Learn how to ensure the financial viability of your association and its events
  • Inform yourself of developments of leading associations, so you are best placed to develop your own successful strategy
  • Build relationships with your peers in similar associations
  • Gain recognition for sharing your experiences and opinion
  • Develop your knowledge, know-how and network to enhance your career progression
  • Enhance your coaching, leadership and innovations skills in the Executive Skills stream
  • Update yourself and discover best-in-breed suppliers to support your organisation & events

Programme content

  • 3 Streams covering; Association Strategy, Events Strategy and Executive Skills
  • 4 half-day sessions in each stream (move from stream to stream as you wish)
  • Association case studies are presented in each of the Association Strategy and Events Strategy sessions
  • Executive Skills stream includes sessisons from the International Nova Business School
  • Sessions include: Presentations, Case Studies, Room and round-table discussions, Group & individual exercises, and Q&As
  • Each table in each session is carefully table-planned so delegate sit with relevant peers
  • Pre-congress session addresses issues specific to medical associations