Case study

An award-winning platform for medical scientists

An online platform allowing the client to manage conference paper submissions, grow their membership base and give their members easy access to resources and events.

The ACB is one of the worlds’ leading professional membership organisations dedicated to the practice and promotion of clinical science. It has over 2000 members in the UK and globally - who work in clinical biochemistry, immunology and microbiology - predominantly in the NHS. The association works to promote the highest standards in laboratory testing and patient care.  In 2021, they won the award for Best Digital Transformation in the Association Awards UK.

The challenge

In 2020, the ACB was struggling with systems that needed urgently updating. Their enterprise CRM was 15 years old and about to stop being supported. Emails took hours to send. Direct debits were paper-based. Renewals took months to run. Staff were bogged down by admin and had to dial into a physical server in the office. Membership was in decline.

Transformation was needed urgently. When the pandemic began this urgency increased as members needed the latest information on COVID straight away.

The ACB found the solution in ReadyMembership - bringing a new website, members area, CRM and operating platform.


The project

A better online experience for members:

Improved user experience - 20 landing pages have replaced 300 pages on the old site.

Science Knowledge Hub - essential resources that were scattered across the old site have been categorised, tagged and pulled together in a central hub making them much easier to find.

CPD online - members can add Continuing Professional Development points and records when they login online. Points from ACB related courses and events are logged automatically - with points for completed reading to follow.

Prospective members can join online and login into the members’ area to manage their details.

Scientific Committees and groups are being managed through the platform making their operation much easier.

Easier membership management:

With integrated CRM, website, finance and email, admin is much easier to manage.

Integration with Direct Debit provider Go Cardless means that payments are easier to manage and renewals quicker to run.


Best Digital Transformation Award

ACB's CEO, Jane Pritchard talks about the positive impact ReadyMembership has had.

The difference

Growing membership

  • In 2021, membership grew by 5% after years of decline.

Conference success

  • In 2021, UKMedLab21 - their 5 day flagship conference - was run online for the first time through the ReadyMembership platform. Attendance grew by 30% on previous events.

A transformed organisation

  • With ReadyMembership lifting the heavy admin burden teams are freed up to focus on their core purpose and their members. The ACB estimates that they have saved the equivalent of one full time admin role
  • The website is now at the heart of the organisation’s strategy with plans for an integrated online learning platform and much more.

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