Case study

An all-in-one hub for international microbiologists

Applied Microbiology International (AMI) has given members the ability to submit abstracts, manage membership and develop their careers.

Applied Microbiology International (formerly the Society for Applied Microbiology) is the oldest microbiology society in the UK, serving microbiologists around the world. It’s core vision is to drive improvements in the applications of microbiology so they contribute to addressing the significant challenges facing humanity. Their circa 2700 members are at the heart of the Society, working and studying in organisations across the world.

The challenge

The AMI were looking for a platform that would enable them to easily manage their member services and provide their members with an exceptional online experience.

They found that Microsoft Dynamics was too advanced an enterprise system for their needs - so moved to all-in-one platform ReadyMembership.



The project

Everything members’ need

AMI’s new website is based on out-of-the box ReadyMembership. This gives members all the tools they need to manage their membership online. They can join and pay online and get instant access to their membership.  Member login also enables them to manage their details, book events and access exclusive resources. SfaM members can apply for grants and nominate peers for fellowships and awards through the website.

Instant online event booking

  • ReadyMembership’s event management tool means that when members book a webinar through the AMI website they are automatically sent a unique private link to join their webinar

Improved communication

  • The AMI team are using features throughout the platform to elevate communication with their members
  • They schedule pop-up announcements on their homepage to alert members about events, opportunities and resources
  • The team have created online forms to get members’ feedback on their talks and webinars
  • They are also using the platforms groups module to manage the work of scientific committees

Flexible grades and pricing

  • With an international membership flexibility in grades and pricing is essential for AMI. The platform allows them to configure bands and rates to reflect the local income of members

Easy renewals

  • Membership renewals used to be fixed in January. If a member joined part-way through the year their membership would run until the following January. Now members can join at any time and get a full year’s membership
  • Emails are sent two months prior to renewals with follow up automatic reminders and lapse periods if members don’t pay

Easy membership management

  • ReadyMembership makes the day-to-day running of the organisation easy from running renewals to organising scientific committees

Intelligent email

  • The email centre allows the team to send communications on everything from annual reports to monthly newsletters and Micro-Talk webinars. They can target members by grade or location if needed

The result

AMI’s new platform has made it easier for this small organisation to manage their membership operations and given them new tools to engage with members. Microbiologists across the world are benefitting from a new website which gives them easy access to everything they need to support their professional development.

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